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Top 5 Mitzvah Trends for 2021

While 2021 brings us hope, we may be in for finding ways to work with what the pandemic brings. It has definitely changed how we see our events moving forward. But maybe that’s also a good thing? Say goodbye to cookie-cutter parties and hello to doing it your way in 2021. Here’s what we are seeing as we head into the new year.

1. TENTS. TENTS. TENTS. – The outdoor party whether it's with 10 or 100 in your backyard or a local space is super-hot and not going away. The flexibility and spontaneity your own space offers are unbeatable.

2. WELCOME BOX – We all know favors, but how about some fun unboxing with programs, kippot, sanitizer, blankets, favors? This is a piece that you can plan for no matter what the circumstance and distribute at your micro-mitzvah, car parade, by mail, and more!

3. SAVE/CHANGE THE DATES – Keeping it fluid is key in 2021. Online save the dates allow you to let your friends know you have a tentative plan but allow you the opportunity to make changes when necessary. For this year, we might have to skip the paper invites and leave it online.

4. PHOTOGRAPHY – Go big! Mitzvah families are loving commemorating the history of the 2021 mitzvah moment. Every picture will tell your family’s story and ooh the photos in 2021 are priceless.

5. LIVE STREAMING – Imagine being back to being able to have a synagogue full of people, but a few of your favorite relatives can’t attend? We now know how great tech works for events and it’s definitely here to stay.

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